Dear friends,

In Afghanistan, we the Afghan Peace Volunteers, realize that a root cause of war is that people across the world still don’t know one another.

The earth and our human family has been exploited, divided from one another, de-humanized and made to live unequal and separate lives.

We, as members of the human family with no political or religious aims, wish to change this.

#Enough! Let’s Be  Friends…

#Enough! Let's Be Friends Launch

sharing food, water, shelter, greenery,

healing, reconciliation, happiness and stories with one another


Sincerely from Kabul,

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Earth GENeration ( Green, Equal, Nonviolent)

#Enough! Movement

Afghan Peace Volunteers

August 2016

To those who have registered their sharing actions: “Yak jahan tashakur !”. It is Dari, one of the two official Afghan languages and means: “A world of thanks!”  

A list of registered sharing actions can be seen here. We would love to post photos of your sharing actions if you would send the photos with descriptive captions to

The Afghan Peace Volunteers want to live differently, not later but now, so they try to make daily choices to relate lovingly with others, using all creative, nonviolent methods other than the method of war. They seek to build alternative lifestyles based on living simply and sharing resources.

On the 21st of September 2015, the International Day of Peace, 100 Afghan street kids cooked and served a meal for 100 Afghan labourers to launch #Enough! This action demonstrated our wish to redirect our energies and resources away from war to meeting basic human needs.

Two long term programs of the Afghan Peace Volunteers, which help them to build concrete alternatives for a world of compassion instead of war, are the Borderfree Afghan Street Kids School and the Winter Duvet Project.

Winter Duvet Project

The Winter Duvet Project: each winter, the Afghan Peace Volunteers organize the sewing and distribution of 3000 duvets, enabling Afghan seamstresses to earn an income from sewing the duvets and helping impoverished families to survive the harsh winter cold.

Bey Nazir gets her cooking oil

Afghan Street Kid, Bey Nazir, gets her monthly gifts of cooking oil and rice.

Street Kids Volunteer to Prepare meal for 100 labourers
Borderfree Afghan Street Kids School

Students & teachers from the afternoon session of the Borderfree Afghan Street Kids School, building a green and equal space without war.