Introducing Earth GEN

On the 21st of September 2016, the International Day of Peace, the Afghan Peace Volunteers will grow their #Enough! movement with Earth GEN ( Green, Equal, Nonviolent )

Over the past year since the launch of the #Enough! movement, the Afghan Peace Volunteers have reached out youth in Kabul through #Enough! GEN circles, in which they have increased their awareness and understanding of the crises of global warming, socio-economic inequalities and violence with its wars.

Their friendships and experiences have helped them to ‘connect the dots’. They are more and more convinced that they need to build a better Earth by nurturing nonviolent relationships with Nature and with all members of the human family. They feel a pressing need to connect with people across the world as Earth GEN, knowing that a critical mass movement is needed to heal themselves, the Earth and humanity.

“Love can open every border!”

Dear friends,

In Afghanistan, we the Afghan Peace Volunteers, realize that a root cause of war is that people across the world don’t treat one another as equals. The earth and our human family has been exploited, divided from one another, de-humanized and made to live disparate and self-interested lives. We, as members of the human family with no political or religious aims, wish to change this through relationships! Relating will heal and liberate!

Sincerely from Kabul,

Earth GENEarth GEN ( Green, Equal, Nonviolent) : Earth GENeration are people everywhere building local alternatives for a shared life, as equal friends with Nature and all members of the human family!

#Enough! Movement

Afghan Peace Volunteers


#Enough! Let’s Be  Friends…

#Enough! Let's Be Friends Launch

sharing food, water, shelter, greenery,

healing, reconciliation, happiness and stories with one another





Zarghuna’s Story

“Here, then, is the problem which we present to you, stark and dreadful and inescapable: Shall we put an end to the human race; or shall mankind renounce war?” The Bertrand Russell-Albert Einstein Manifesto, 1955

Smiles for #Enough!

Zarghuna is in the centre with #Enough! written on her palm

With her are Afghan Peace Volunteers and Borderfree Street Kids

who are an Earth GEN Community. They say,

“#Enough! Global Warming, Inequality and War!

We’ll build a Green, Equal and Nonviolent world without war!”

For Zarghuna, a 23 year old Afghan journalism undergraduate, the problems are stark enough as she goes to university in Kabul. While stressed by the deteriorating security across Afghanistan, she worries about her mother who is in her home province of Bamiyan, “After my father was killed by the Taliban, my mother has been coping with chronic aches, pains and depression.”

She covers her nose with her head scarf because of the smoky-dusty air, and the bad odour from the nearby tributary of the Kabul River. The river is just a trickle of black, smelly sewerage water packed with plastic and trash. Kabul’s atmosphere is sometimes so heavy with pollution that Zarghuna can’t see more than a hundred meters ahead. It’s a ticking time bomb for Afghanistan which is in a group of 20 countries that are most vulnerable to climate change.

While she is fortunate to receive financial help from a friend to pursue journalism in a private university, she knows that she may not be able to find a job after graduation, like many other Afghan youth. Under this exploitative, unequal global economic system, basic human needs are not sufficiently met.

To add to the trepidation in her heart, Zarghuna isn’t even sure if she’ll get home alive after lectures at university. The war is worsening. Despite trillions of dollars spent on the current U.S./NATO coalition war since 2001, security in Afghanistan is deteriorating. A suicide bomb attack could add her name to the increasing number of Afghan civilian casualties. Like everyone else in the world, she wants to be safe and secure, but she has learnt much from her own reason, conscience and experience, as well as from reports showing evidence that war increases ‘terrorism’, that she is now more likely to be killed by the increased number of ‘terrorist’ acts. So she is learning to say no to revenge and killing, and to say very clearly, “#Enough! Global Warming, Inequality and War!”

Along with other Afghan Peace Volunteers at the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre in Kabul, she is part of Earth GEN(erations), an effort of the #Enough! movement which is a people’s movement to build a Green, Equal and Nonviolent world without war.


Zarghuna in the background, with street kids who served 100 Afghan labourers

Zarghuna in the background, with Earth GEN ( Borderfree ) street kids.

 Together, they served 100 Afghan labourers

What is Earth GEN?

The people of Earth GEN nurture a better world by being friends with Nature and all members of the human family!

Having had #Enough! global warming, inequalities and war, Earth GEN are current and future GENerations who nurture borderfree nonviolent relationships in community so as to build Green, Equal and Nonviolent alternatives, including the abolition of war.

GEN is short for GENeration and an acronym for Green, Equal and Nonviolent.

What is the core principle of Earth GEN?

Nonviolence ( love )

“At the center of non-violence stands the principle of love.” Martin Luther King Jr.

What do you do as part of Earth GEN?

We intentionally make friends with Nature and all members of the human family, because we believe that love ( nonviolence ) can change everything.

As part of Earth GEN, you’ll be building a critical mass movement of nonviolent relationships.

What is a key strategy of Earth GEN?

Relationships! Relationships! Relationships! Borderfree nonviolent relationships!

By generating a critical mass movement of borderfree nonviolent relationships in Earth GEN Communities, we can redirect resources from the crises of global warming, inequality and war toward building viable concrete Green, Equal and Nonviolent alternatives without war, including the abolition of war. We can opt out of status quo systems which fuel the crises.

What are Earth GEN Communities?

Earth GEN Communities are any two or more persons who relate and work together non-violently, along with others in the human family across all borders, for the purpose of building a green, equal and nonviolent world without war.

So, you only need to find one other friend to form an Earth GEN Community.

Earth GEN Communities can use any space, including a room, a corner, a house, a meeting place, a restaurant, a shop, an office, a garden, a farm,  a community centre, a cultural or arts centre, a playground, a sports facility, a classroom, a school or university, a workers’ union, a street, a lake, a river, a forest, a beach, a trek, a hill, in short, any space!

Earth GEN Communities can use Borderfree Blue Scarves for solidarity across the world. You can make on your own Borderfree Blue Scarves or request some from the Afghan Peace Volunteers in Kabul!

The Afghan Peace Volunteers are an Earth GEN Community working voluntarily at the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre in Kabul.

What are the symbols of Earth GEN?

Two hands working together to nurture the Earth


#Enough! T shirts/wristbands

Borderfree Blue Scarf

The Borderfree Blue Scarves, #Enough! T shirts, #Enough! wristbands, or other sky blue symbols remind us that all human beings live under the same blue sky.

Who do we oppose?

We oppose no human being and no part of Nature.

Earth GEN is part of the #Enough! movement, and is a positive, constructive effort to opt out of violent and unequal systems by adopting alternative ways of being, learning and living.

“We have to learn to think in a new way.” The Bertrand Russell-Albert Einstein Manifesto 1955

Who should join Earth GEN?

Everyone who hopes to build a green, equal and nonviolent world without war.

“There lies before us, if we choose, continual progress in happiness, knowledge, and wisdom. Shall we, instead, choose death, because we cannot forget our quarrels? We appeal as human beings to human beings: Remember your humanity, and forget the rest.” The Bertrand Russell-Albert Einstein Manifesto 1955


The Afghan Peace Volunteers are an Earth GEN Community

As an Earth GEN Community, the Afghan Peace Volunteers build a critical mass of borderfree nonviolent relationships and alternatives for a Green, Equal and Nonviolent World Without War, a key goal being the abolition of war.



Plant Trees Not Bombs in Afghanistan


#Enough! Afghan Street Kids Share Food with Labourers

Nonviolent World without War

Afghan girl, Sakina, buries toy gun and says…

Person by Person

#Enough! relies on nurturing a critical mass of nonviolent, egalitarian relationships with nature and all human beings.

The Afghan Peace Volunteers, like young people everywhere, are realizing that happy and fulfilling relationships do not come primarily from Facebook, electronic gadgets etc.

They wish to relate person to person, community to community, so they have Skype/Zoom conversations with friends from around the world through their Global Days of Listening program, whose principle is about ‘listening to one another’, and whose story can be found at Ourjourneytosmile

Global Days of Listening

The Afghan Peace Volunteers connecting with friends around the world via Skype

The Afghan Peace Volunteers have found their conversations to be easy-going and mutually humanizing, and always meaningful.

They would enjoy Skype conversations with you, so they hope you will write to to make arrangements.

You can listen to a few of their past conversations here and their conversation with Professor Noam Chomsky here. They hope to post future photo stories or recordings of their conversations on this page.

Douglas Mackey and friends say #Enough!

Douglas Mackey and friends say #Enough in Olympia, Washington State, USA. This is the ‘home’ of Global Days of Listening.

Love in horizontal relationships is revolutionary!