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This is how I feel this week in Kabul

7/6/2017 By Dr Hakim The ‘faceless’ war image of the ‘Mother of All Bombs’ exploding in Afghanistan   Background Situation On 13th April, the U.S. government used the ‘Mother of All Bombs’, weighing 9800 kg, killing at least 90. On 31st May, another extremist group, perhaps soon sprouting another name, or perhaps just the same groups with the same old ideas, used a wastewater tanker packed with explosives, weighing 1500 kg, killing at least 90. After the 31st May atrocity, a few protesters took to the streets. Force was employed again, this time by the police. Water jets. Bullets of force. At least five protesters were killed. Not extremists. Protesters. At the burial prayers of one of the protestors, three suicide bombers blew their way onto the graveyard soil and into their fantasy flight to ‘heaven’. 17 mourners were killed. One girl who was begging for alms from the funeral […]