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Friends despite Afghan War Ruins

‘Darul Aman’, was supposed to mean ‘Abode of Peace’, but it became a charred caricature of Man’s repetitive use of bullets, rockets, tanks, bombs and ancient fire to secure money, and seize power. Here, King Amanullah and Queen Soraya dreamt of a ‘modern’ Afghanistan, not knowing that almost a century later, Tufan, Su’ood, Amir, Nemat, Matin and Nisar  came to record its wounds and ask, “What abode? Where’s the peace?” Their strong heart-beats constantly grasp for a measure of calm, in a colonized city of shattered pulse and vista. Confronted with an intractable present,  they ask a universal question, “What can we do?” Imagine a new direction, and without winking, venture a leap! But how can reconciliation begin if the old hasn’t healed, if there aren’t hands to hold values other than weapons? Not someone else’s hand. Our hands. It’s hard for Nisar to describe life under the 24-hour, million-dollar […]

The Energy and Angst of Four Afghan Street Kids

  I took a chance in asking them to jump and shout and wow! I was electrified. Their arms, legs and faces released energy, as if they were astronauts breaking free from a difficult Earth. “What? Jump? Why?” They were skeptical but eager, and soon the yard rang with laughter and surprise. One, two, three… Their hesitance choked on a few breaths, then, they took off, bursting all over the place beyond their young vulnerable selves. Farzad’s hundred worries, already nesting in his keen eyebrows, were teased out of his chest, slung above his knees by a scarf, and flung like rockets. Towards the sky. Matin’s father could have been released from prison if he had paid a bribe. “I have to work… He’s ‘gone’ for another year and a half.” It was a road traffic accident that replaced their family’s poverty with desperate destitution. When asked about what he […]

#Enough! Let’s Be Friends

#Enough! Let’s Be Friends   sharing food, water, shelter, greenery, healing, reconciliation, happiness and stories with one another I am you. You are we. Relate! Relate! Relate! Relate! It’s a Re-mergency! Connect. It’s critical. Connect people, connect the dots.   Dear friends in our human family, With your support, over the past one year, we have found 908 friends from 67 countries. Please continue to help us find friends from every country in the world. In Kabul, we are bringing together multi-ethnic Afghan youth from all 34 provinces in Afghanistan, to join Earth GEN (Green, Equal and Nonviolent) in celebrating the International Day of Peace on the 21st of September 2016. “I’m Hadisa Gowhari, a student at the American University            in Afghanistan and also a member of the Afghan Peace Volunteers. I always fear I could die in the streets here…” Relationships motivate us, so when you share resources with […]

Afghan friends: For a moment, I didn’t know what to wish for you

Afghan friends: For a moment, I didn’t know what to wish for you   Mahdi drew what he wanted to become: a doctor – white coat, blue tie   In 2015, Mursal drew and wrote: I want a School of Nonviolence Ibrahim ( extreme left ) said #Enough! War, along with other Afghan street kids Mahdi and Mursal, today, when I heard the blast of another suicide bombing in Kabul, I didn’t know what to wish for you. I was irritated, rather, my thoughts scattered in multiple fragments, because, not only did I need to know that you were safe, it hurt me to think of how the sensational images will traumatize you, again. Mahdi was back polishing boots last summer, together with his cousin, Ismael   With another street kid, Nisar, Mahdi volunteered to water trees at Kabul Peace Garden   He also helped out in the winter duvet […]