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#Enough! GEN – Green, Equal and Nonviolent friends from every country

#Enough! GEN is a multi-generational movement of ordinary people who say #Enough! to the interconnected global crises of global warming, socioeconomic inequalities and violence with its nuclear-risk wars, by nurturing a critical mass of GEN ( Green, Equal and Nonviolent ) relationships and alternatives. The global crises of climate change, poverty and wars have created untenable life predicaments for the Afghan Peace Volunteers and their families. Having ‘connected the dots’ and awakened to the lack of interest and will among today’s socioeconomic and political elite to even recognize the crises, they are forming circles of #Enough! GEN friends, organizing GEN ( Green, Equal and Nonviolent ) activities at the Borderfree Nonviolence Community Centre in Afghanistan. By saying #Enough! to the crises, the people of #Enough! GEN are affirming the value of love for the Earth and all of humanity, and liberating themselves from the grip of various abuses of money […]